Introducing, The Mad Naturalist to the BDN blog network

Imagine yourself in a public restroom. One of those rustic, underlit pit stops you find in neighborhood parks and low-budget rest areas – the ones with rickety stalls and yards of damp concrete. Reluctantly, grimly, you do your business, but, just as you get up to leave…
David Munson

David Munson

What’s that?
Startled from the shadowy corner stall, something scurries. Weaving and dodging between crumpled paper towels, a dark something seizes a smaller something and wedges itself into a crack beneath the sink. Even as you turn to the door, your eyes remained fixed on that crack. You don’t want to look; you have to. You need answers. What is it doing in there? Is that a leg? Why is it making that noise?!
My blog is kind of about that…
David Munson

About David Munson

Hi. I'm Dave. I've been writing more-or-less professionally for almost twenty years, and I'm a nature nerd. I've been an arborist, a ranch hand, a car salesman and a scientist. I've published journal articles about caterpillar communication and poems about frogs. I've taught biology, ecology, botany, marine science, aquaculture, horticulture and gym. I have trained park rangers to do citizen science and third-graders to make anatomically correct cardboard clams. I've been told I take pretty good pictures, and I've been writing nature articles for the internet since digital cameras took floppy discs. I like to hike, fish and watch B movies, and I keep a collection of bones in my basement, but not in a creepy way. I have a great family and cool friends, and am proud to be a Lincolnvillain (yes, I spelled that right.) You can check out my photos on Instagram @madnaturalist and keep up with my random wanderings on my website at I can't sing and I can't skate, but I have scratched a white rhinoceros behind the ear and been assaulted by a howler monkey. Mostly I walk in the woods and look under rocks. There is nothing I would like more than to share these experiences with you.