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Hi. I'm Dave. I've been writing more-or-less professionally for almost twenty years, and I'm a nature nerd. I've been an arborist, a ranch hand, a car salesman and a scientist. I've published journal articles about caterpillar communication and poems about frogs. I've taught biology, ecology, botany, marine science, aquaculture, horticulture and gym. I have trained park rangers to do citizen science and third-graders to make anatomically correct cardboard clams. I've been told I take pretty good pictures, and I've been writing nature articles for the internet since digital cameras took floppy discs. I like to hike, fish and watch B movies, and I keep a collection of bones in my basement, but not in a creepy way. I have a great family and cool friends, and am proud to be a Lincolnvillain (yes, I spelled that right.) You can check out my photos on Instagram @madnaturalist and keep up with my random wanderings on my website at I can't sing and I can't skate, but I have scratched a white rhinoceros behind the ear and been assaulted by a howler monkey. Mostly I walk in the woods and look under rocks. There is nothing I would like more than to share these experiences with you.

The Gaping Godzillas of Winter

So the other day I was kicking back, munching Doritos and watching old Godzilla movies, and I began to ponder: “When he’s not battling more malicious monsters with his radiation breath or unintentionally destroying Japan’s coastal cities, where, exactly does Godzilla go?” It’s a reasonable question. Godzilla is boisterous, and big, and widely recognized by […]